MacBook USB-C port is Not Working

USB-C cables connects your MacBook with different devices like pen drive, external hard drive, iPhone and many more. The USB C port is 24-pin double-sided connector is slightly larger than the older micro USB connector.

There is multiple cause that your USB-C port is not working, including hardware and software failure. Software failure can be solves with reset and upgrading the OS, however hardware failure need to diagnosed with the root cause analysis. Please bring it to our shop to fix for the failure.


  • How do I fix my USB-C port on my MacBook?

    Ans. There are different guides that you can try to troubleshoot dead USBC ports on your own, however if you feel it’s not working, you can bring it to us for further root cause and required help to fix.
  • Why is my Mac USB-C port not working?

    Ans. There might be software issue or hardware issue. If you can able to fix it by yourself is awesome. However we are always there to help you to fix. If you feel it’s hardware issue please bring it us for further support.
  • How do I enable USB ports on my Mac?

    Ans. Check the USB Status on your MacBook, please bring it to us if you need any support.