MacBook Liquid Dammage Repair

Corrosion is an additional factor in damaging electronics, even if the electronic device is in an off-state when the water is spilled. When water comes in contact with a metal, the metal begins to corrode, and the ions in the water speed up this process. The higher the ion content, the faster corrosion occurs.

Since soda can carry an electrical current, it can easily create a short between the very tightly packed circuit traces on electronics such as motherboards or logic boards . This has the potential to instantly damage the contacted electrical components which can cause the component to fail.

Beer and other beverages contain all kinds of corrosive salts and sugars, which will destroy metal contacts, rendering switches and components useless

For any kind of liquid damage it is necessary to clean the all component of the MacBook or Laptop. We do the following,

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of motherboard and each and every component. Check each of the
  • We Check individual components for short circuit or burn
  • We Check the battery
  • We Perform 13 points check for individual components


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  • Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

    Ans. The most common issues are trackpad/keyboard damage, screen cable burning out due to high voltage line for LCD backlight, battery not being recognized, or it just not turning on. When these issues occur, the MacBook with water damage can be repaired by replacing or fixing the affected parts at component level.
  • Does spilling liquid on laptop damage it?

    Ans. Most computer hardware can survive a dunking in water, provided the power is off. However it’s based on how much damage has happened internally and the quantity of water spread across the board. The risk is more for soda, beer, tea coffee etc. which is more harmful for electronic circuits.
  • Can I sell a water damaged MacBook?

    Ans. Yes we buy it, but most of the cases it’s trash, and only a small component is recoverable.