MacBook Battery Life Is Shorter Than Expected

We can check whether the battery in your Mac notebook is working good and how much charge it can hold. Every MacBook have maximum battery charging cycle counts. Once it goes beyond the maximum charging count, you need to replace the battery. As per Apple specification MacBook [Retina 12-in 2017/ Retina 12-in Early 2016/ Retina 12-in Early 2015 /13-in Mid 2010/ 13-in Late 2009] having maximum 1000 charging cycle, MacBook 13-inch Aluminum, Late 2008 having max 500 cycle, MacBook Mid 2009/ Early 2009 / Late 2008/ Early 2008/ Late 2007/ Mid 2007/ Late 2006 having maximum 300 charging cycle and rest of the MacBook Pro having 1000 charging cycle.



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  • How long does a Mac battery last?

    Ans. Most of the MacBook Battery Cycle is 1000
  • Why is my Mac battery draining so fast suddenly?

    Ans. It might be a reason that you are running too many power consuming application or You battery is end of life and need to replace.
  • Is it worth replacing MacBook battery?

    Ans. Yes it is. If other component is good and the MacBook performance is satisfactory, it is recommended to change the battery.
  • Why is my Mac losing battery while charging?

    Ans. The most common problem for this kind of issues is the SMC (System Management Controller) on your MacBook is bad and need to be services.