iMac Harddrive SSD Upgrade Service

We provide iMac hard drive to SSD upgrade service. Upgrading from hard drive to SSD in iMac is very fragile matter because we have to be very cautious to handle our clients data properly but don’t worry our certified technicians have years of experience working on it which helps us provide the best repair service. Replacing your old technology of iMac mechanical Hard Drive to SSD is one of the many ways to make your slow iMac faster.

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Here at TechMacDallas we use only Grade A Parts that comes with warranty. SSD usually comes with 2-5 year warranty and lasts longer than that if handled properly. Warranty provided will depend on which type of SSD our clients choose to have in their iMac. Our technicians here will guide you through which type of SSD will be performing best for your iMac so call us now for that information and ask us for a free quote.



Hard Drive

SSD provides longer life on your iMac. SSD has faster read write speed than outdated mechanical Hard Drive. Boot up time and shutdown time is 3 times faster with SSD than Hard Drive. Your files or applications will load up faster with SSD than with Hard Drive. Hard Drive will get corrupted at 350HZ vibration where as SSD can resist up to 2000HZ of vibration.